If you are looking for a graphic design studio in Bournemouth,
you’ve just found one!

How do you choose the right graphic designer? If you are not sure what you are looking for you might find it tricky.

Look for a strong portfolio, maybe with something in it you recognise. The design and layout should be appropriate to the subject. Do the photographs hit the spot? Does the text whet your appetite?

You are looking for communicators not decorators
A designer needs to motivate customers into taking action. Just pretty pictures alone do not generate positive results. Look through a graphic designer’s work for evidence of a strong sense of marketing and an intelligent understanding of business.

It’s not just graphic design software
So many people think all you need is a computer and some professional software and away you go - DIY design!

Graphic design is a craft used by artists to make their way in the world. Software is only a tool, it is not the artisan, it has no imagination. Without creativity and flair, software alone cannot impact on your brand

So, if you choose Creative Studios, how do we get you noticed?
Maybe its time to re-invent yourself. Perhaps smarten up your image or re design your website. How about promotional emails and mailers with targeted marketing letters? Or advertising campaigns which put you in the public eye and at the same time, remind old customers you are still here for them?

Ok, but how much does this all cost?
That’s up to you! You set the budget and we keep to it.

Creative Studios builds long standing relationships where everyone works together as a team. This builds confidence and familiarity so we avoid nasty surprises.

We have experience working with large and small businesses alike, using our expertise and skill to produce graphic design pieces, digital graphics and printed brochures which communicate effectively.

Exceptional service, talent and commitment to customer care
We work as a dedicated team with a wide range of individual talents. We produce excellent value, top quality design pieces delivering an exceptional, personal approach to customer care. We work well within teams and groups who will be given our mobile and home numbers so we will be there for you whenever you need us.

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Creative offer a full range design studio for of press and TV advertising, print, digital, direct mail, branding, graphic design, media buying, graphic design for brochure printing, illustration, graphic design for packaging, exhibition design, graphic design for outdoor interpretation, online marketing, display photography and internet website design.

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