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Are you looking for an advertising agency in Bournemouth, who come in
bang on target?
– [not wide of the mark!]
Once our creative design studio has developed a stunning concept for an advertising campaign, Creative Studios ensure the media planning hits the target!

For above and below-the-line media; from news press, TV and radio to print, exhibition and direct mail – you can count on our expertise and buying power. Our team will work closely with you to develop the correct blend of exposure to ensure your message, service or product has maximum impact on its intended audience.

Oh yes, and it goes without saying, we come in on-budget as well.

Do you want a creative agency that plans media effectively and without fuss?
Without good media planning you risk wasting your time and money. Creative Studios understand how important it is to plan well and this is vital for successful media buying. Together we will ensure you media advertising campaign will be given the best possible chance to maximise results.

Would you like to stick with traditional media or try some new media?
Magazine advertising, national newspaper advertising and local newspaper advertising are traditional media favourites. Research and media planning can be quite straightforward for these, you just need to consider how intense to make your advertising campaign, then have fun with our design studio developing ideas.

Internet advertising and pay per click advertising offer automated networks and once set up, can create customised campaigns almost effortlessly.

What about Radio advertising and TV advertising?
Media planning for Radio advertising and TV advertising campaigns is on a more complex level due to the budgets required for this type of media advertising. This is where you need a professional company to get you the best deals and the best production for your radio or TV campaign.

So how do we you choose which media is best for you?
Together we will research which media will provide the best route to your target audience. Your own experience and knowledge of the product will be an essential ingredient to mix with our advertising skills and media contacts to create an effective advertising campaign.

What’s the next step forward for your advertising campaign?
We need to decide which media to use and how much it will cost. We need to consider what we want your advertising campaign to achieve and which media will deliver. Then the media plan needs to be put into a schedule showing the frequency of advertising. Design and production costs will need to be incorporated to show the total spend, then we move on to meeting the deadlines!

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