Are you working with the right image?
Working with the ‘right’ image is essential! Creative Studios has a keen team of photographers who operate from our studio in Bournemouth. We also shoot on location producing bespoke advertising photography carefully tailored to your branding needs. In addition to all this we also have a massive off-the-shelf image library containing more than 13 million images!

Whether it is studio photography for product catalogues and modelling, or location photo shoots for tourism brochures and P.R. events – we always endeavour to capture exactly the ‘right’ image for each and every assignment.

What do I look for in advertising photography?
Creative Studios offer a high degree of creative flair as well technical photographic competency. These things are important when it comes to producing images which should communicate effectively and sell your brand to your market.

How do you choose a good commercial photographer?
A unique set of photographic skills are needed in this highly specialised area. You need a photographer who can photograph businesses and products in hugely varying situations and environments. Tight deadlines and budgets need to be kept. Creative’s photographic studio has a wide range of equipment suitable for many types of photo shoots.

RGB.jpg, CMYK.tif and colour correction?
Understanding conversion from the photographic colour channels of red - green - blue to the printing industry colour separation channels of cyan - magenta - yellow - black needs skill and experience. Being able to control the colour correction needed to reproduce faithful colour representations is a specialist area. Creative’s vast experience in both the photographic and printing industry has given us the ability to deal with this comfortably.

Can anyone be a photographer?
Beware! Anyone can take a photograph. However, having vision and being able to capture it takes skill and creativity and it is not easy. This is what makes the difference between good and bad photography. Creative Studios has been art directing photography and developing client photo libraries for many years which makes our photography ideal for brochures, websites, advertising campaigns, marketing, PR, exhibitions, displays and all types of graphic design.

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